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Balanced Bushel brings you the versatile, healthy bean varieties you’ve been searching for. Learn why our customers love our dried beans and how they’re using them in their weekly meal rotations. We can’t wait to hear about your experience!

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Lentils are where it’s at. We always have these on hand as a quick addition to salads, soups, and pastas for extra fiber.”

Isla from New York City

I’ve been using more plant-based proteins in my home-cooked meals and these are a healthy alternative to processed, canned beans.”

Zach from Denver

Balanced Bushel offers a stellar selection of dried beans. I always find what I’m looking for.”

Amy from Kentucky

These are our go-to dried pinto beans for whenever we’re making our famous crockpot refried beans. Easy to prepare, high quality, and delicious.”

Graciela from Houston

These new pouches of Balance Bushel are making it easy to use the portion I need and store the rest. Gives me peace of mind to know I’ll always have my plant based protein beans in my pantry.”

Alden from Santa Barbara

I love to know I’m cooking with chick peas grown here in America. Thanks Balanced Bushel for connecting me to the farms.”

Turner from Pasadena

My Balance Bushel lentils are so easy to use and so versatile. I add them to my vegetable casserole as well as my salads.”

Graham from Cleveland